Tuesday, July 20

Graham Day joins ATG Broadcast as Managing Director

The full unexpurgated version can be found here! Congratulations, Graham - this should keep you gainfully employed for a while!

Saturday, July 3

Safety Hazard

 Let's hear it for the creative genius who designed this public hall PA system around 13A sockets used as microphone points! Best of all, he'd used the line & neutral connectors, for maximum impact. I won't be drawn on where I saw this, but it is horribly genuine.
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Tuesday, June 15

Taming the Vuvuzelas

It's hard to know without being there, but it certainly sounds as though effects spill onto the commentators' mics (in South Africa) is an unresolved problem. If that is the case, it would be worth trying this: tape the main and spare lip mics together; gang them on adjacent faders with a stereo clip; match their gains on the preset and invert the phase of one of them. With both faded up, you'll get almost perfect cancellation of low to mid frequencies, but the commentary comes through loud and clear as only one mic is pressed to the lip. And the best of it is, the commentator doesn't have to care which is main and which is spare, as both work and both are always available, taped together!

Just ask TriMedia...

Tuesday, May 25

Something for Nothing

Don't let anyone tell you you can't get something for nothing. You can. You can download a free Space Game from TriMedia that will keep you and your kids entertained for hours. It's even educational! (Read the pdf before running the executable) Have fun!

Sunday, February 28

Cabsat 2010

Dave and Graham will be at Cabsat as usual, with several pre-booked appointments of course but time enough left over to catch up with friends and clients along the way. Looking forward to a good show.

Friday, February 5

Trimedia Website Migration

We have migrated our website from the long domain trimediamiddleeast.com to the more convenient trimediame.com. The old site is still on-line and functional, but will not be updated and will in time be phased out. Please bookmark us here.

Wednesday, January 27

3D or not 3D, that is the question.

Six years ago, for my sins, I spent a few months looking after Saudi Aramco's 3D projection theatre. This was quite an impressive installation, with an eight by four-and-a-half metre glass bead screen, twin Barco video projectors (shooting through +/- 45-degree polarisers) and Dolby 5.1 surround sound. And an endless supply of polarising spectacles: plastic frames for VIPs, cardboard for the general public.

From a good central seat in the auditorium (and only from there) the total experience of 3D vision and surround sound was very impressive. So much so that it took a considerable effort of will to refrain from dodging flying rock fragments in the wake of the mighty drill...

So, will I be rushing out to buy a 3D TV for my own home? Not a chance. Even if the format war were over (after all, only one of the competing solutions has a future, and it doesn't involve glasses, active or passive!) the answer would still be no.

This small jury of one is still out, even on the value of surround sound in the domestic environment - except in ideal conditions (read non-domestic) it is usually more of an irritation than a boon. But when it comes to 3D TV, my interest in it is purely as a technologist. Of course it presents fascinating challenges. Of course it is yet another seed for inventiveness and ingenuity. But would I want to sit in front of one (just a fraction closer, sir, and try to keep your head very still!) - sorry, not my cup of tea.

And that's not even to think about what else I could do with that much disposable cash!