Wednesday, September 17

Post-IBC 2008

It's becoming clearer by the year, or at least by the IBC, that the Broadcast Industry is under siege from IT. It used to be that to get real information on a stand, you first asked the 'desk dolly', who would insist on swiping your card before referring you to a salesman, whom you had to confuse with a couple of real questions before he'd pass you on to an engineer with answers. But that was all part of the game. Now, more and more, though the path is essentially the same - desk dolly, salesman, engineer - you find that the 'engineer' is an IT graduate with no real knowledge of the industry. Yes, he can tell you how his software works but he can't tell you why it even exists or how it can help in a real newsroom or studio. And that's hardly surprising since he probably has hands on experience of neither. So, you have to go through another tier to reach someone who really knows what's going on. Or head straight for the IBC Pub (just off Hall 2) where true expertise tends to gravitate and clump together.

This is not to knock IT. Every industry in the world needs IT expertise to survive. But the best Broadcast Engineers have taken IT on board just as they previously mastered 'digits' and before that, 'colour'. Broadcast Engineers learn what they need to when they need to. Would that IT Engineers would do the same. Even TriMedia's TV Quiz would be a good starting point.

Having said that, it was a good show!

Monday, September 8

Introducing TME BLOG

We're re-branding our News & Events page as a blog, starting with this post. The reason is simple enough. Often we find there's something to say, something deserving comment, that doesn't really count as News or an Event. So, till now, it's had to remain unsaid. But on a blog, anything goes. At least, anything we think might interest or entertain our loyal readers. Watch this space!

Sunday, September 7

Wednesday, August 13

IBC 2008

TriMedia's Dave McClure will be attending IBC 2008 on Saturday and Sunday, 13th and 14th September. Graham Day is likely also to be there, dates still to be arranged. Dave is particularly keen to discuss workflow development and training matters with existing or prospective clients. We never take a stand at IBC, preferring to roam the Halls at will. If you would like to pin us down to discuss your latest initiative, please drop an email to and we'll be pleased to arrange a meeting. But don't leave it too late - IBC diaries fill up fast!

Monday, April 7

Attention - Final Cut Pro Users!

Just a reminder that the Final Cut Pro Users' Group for the Middle East, FCP-me, originally started and hosted by TriMedia Middle East, is now alive and well and living with EmiratesMac. Check it out!